In Favor of Transparency

Today, I was honored to meet Leah Binder, President and CEO of the Leapfrog Group. Leapfrog aims to improve patient safety and quality in hospitals, and it publishes the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.
Leah and I are very much in agreement that transparency and public reporting are key to improving healthcare. She was so kind as to write an
endorsement for Who’s My Doctor right after our meeting:

“This is a campaign that honors physician leadership and candor to their patients and their community. It is reassuring to me to see on this website that the values we so respect about American medicine remain at the heart of physician practice today.

I will ask my doctor to sign on to
this campaign, and I hope thousands more physicians and other clinicians appear as well. Transparency is becoming a nonnegotiable component of ethical clinical practice; these physicians are leading the way there and I thank them.”