Who's My Doctor, on NPR!

Our NPR op-ed about Who’s My Doctor and the need for transparency came out this weekend!
There has been an outpouring of comments on the
NPR site and on Facebook.
More thoughts and reflections to come soon. For now, let me share wise words from my long-time mentor, Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan:
“Who can be against transparency? Surely not physicians. Our job is to treat, heal, and provide succor to our patients. Is there disagreement here? If we have interests, limitations, or preoccupations that would compromise or confuse that mission, shouldn’t we disclose that? As a patient (which we all are), I would hope so. 
Dr. Leana Wen’s campaign is one we should all embrace.  If any of us have trouble signing on, perhaps it is time to pause for a Hippocratic gut check. If not, let’s make Total Transparency our practice mantra.”
--Fitzhugh Mullan, MD, Murdock Health Professor of Medicine and Health Policy, Professor of Pediatrics, George Washington University