Letter to the Editor: A Light On Drugs

Dr. May Nguyen, a founding member of Who’s My Doctor, wrote a letter to the editor in the Houston Chronicle and the need for transparency:

“I was disappointed that only one sentence in the entire article alluded to the research about the influence of pharmaceutical representatives through their free pens, dinners and drug samples….
Studies led by Dr. Richard F. Adair published in 2005 and Dr. Barbalee Symm published in 2006 have demonstrated that drug samples do influence physicians to prescribe the sampled drugs more frequently.
A recent study led by Michael P. Hurley and his colleagues from the Stanford University School of Medicine and published this year revealed that free drug samples guided dermatologists away from prescribing less expensive generic medicines…..
Patients must be able to trust that their doctor is prescribing medicine that is evidence-based, not because he or she received a free sample.”